Q. Local Chapters, Regions, National. What do they all mean?

A. HRRVC encompasses the entire USA and Canada. These areas are geographically split into regions. We have eight (8) regions in the club. Within each region, we have a various States and Provinces or Territories. These are further broken down into local chapters within each State/Province.

Here in Region III (Three), we have 5 States with 26 local chapters. Each Region has one member who is known as the Region Director. That person coordinates with each State Manager and also assists any member for all aspects of the club. All Eight Regional Directors make up the club officers and run the business of the club.

Each State has a single State Manager and one or more Assistant State Managers. These Managers help all the local chapters organize and obtain information for their State. Someone who is there to assist with all matters of the club for the local end. They are responsible to organize State rallies and assist with Regional Rallies as well.

The local chapters is where all the fun takes place. Your local chapter is organized with member elected officers. They arrange events for chapter members for camping, dinners and other events. Some chapters are more active than other chapters, but all chapters have memorable get togethers.