Q. Rallies, Caravans and Campouts, what are these?

A. Rallies are usually large events. All focused around where the rally takes place. Each year the club as a whole, entertains its members with a single International Rally. Each year the location changes to provide a different type of rally. The International rally is attended by many members each year, no matter where in the USA it may be held. Many events are typically planned during the International. Seminars, discussions, crafts, area tours, entertainment and food. Plenty of vendors and dealers are almost always present. Many Holiday Rambler owners have purchased their next RV while at the International rallies.

States and Regions also have their own rallies each year. While hosting State rallies may vary from year to year, each region holds an annual rally. Alternating the location. within the region, each year. Usually regional rallies are almost always held at the same time every year.

What about Caravans? Caravans are a group of RV's traveling to a destination together. The itinerary is setup in advance and most aspects are planned early. Usually these type of events have a limited availability, but the most popular caravans reoccur frequently. Caravans are typically developed along with the National Club, and go to many different areas. These are run by very experienced RV members who are trained in all aspects of the travel so that the caravan runs smoothly.

Lastly, but the most popular are the local chapter campout events. Each year, every local chapter gets together and decides where and when the chapter will host camping dates. The length of the event may range from just a few days to over 5 days. Almost all of them are within the vicinity of the local chapter. Many chapters may also receive a discount at favorite local campgrounds because they are reserving a group of sites. Those savings are filtered down to each member. During the campouts you can expect to get together for meals and plan some type of event during the weekend. Many chapters travel together to the annual International rally each year so that they can be near each other. Especially important considering the International rally has hosted over a 1000 units on some very large fair grounds.

Our site shows you several ways to find when chapters, States and the Region is holding an event. You can look under an individual State to find out, or search through our calendar.

If you prefer, Contact Us and we can get you the information about a local chapter in your area.