Region III Rally Cancelled

We woke up this morning in St. Augustine, Florida to news that Matthew's track has moved west. That now brings Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina into the cone. Florida and North Carolina have already declared a state of emergency and I'm sure Georgia and South Carolina will do the same soon.

After discussions with Lakewood, we are cancelling the Region III Rally. We don't want anybody in harms way and we don't want to be in the way of the first responders, if Myrtle Beach is affected by Matthew.

Al Pickering will work out your refunds and you should get your checks shortly. It could take awhile with 83 units registered.

If you live or are driving in the cone of Matthew's projected path, please follow your emergency services directions. Be safe and God bless you.

Bill & Shirley Kasko, HRRVC Region III Director